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NTFS Data Recovery Software:-

Program is designed to recover lost and accidentally erased data saved in Windows hard disk drives. Software safely undelete HDD files deleted or formatted due to human fault including database records, client’s details, office files, pdf files, excel spreadsheets, presentations and other important documents. Software easily retrieves music files, audio-video files, photos, pictures, digital images etc. saved in all types of hard disk drive (SATA, ATA, IDE, EIDE and SCSI).


  • ➢ With advance data searching technique, software easily locates and recovers missing files from all common data loss incidents.
  • ➢ Recover data lost from corrupted or damaged hard disk.
  • ➢ Undelete files in all prominent data loss incidents.
  • ➢ Supports all major file formats (jpeg, doc, pdf, mp3, avi etc).
  • ➢Quickly locate and retrieve deleted HDD files.

NTFS Data Recovery Software Screenshots

Choose any one searching mode

Program provides three searching modes to search and restore lost data. Choose any one mode according to your requirement.

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Select the media

Select the media from left panel from which you want to recover lost or deleted data files and click next option to continue.

Browse path to save recovered data

Browse path where the recovered data will be saved by software and go to next screen.

Disk Scanning Process

Disk Scanning Process using DDR Thorough Signature Scanning Algorithm is going on. Progress bar displays the current running status of disk scanning process.

Open Containing Folder

Click on 'Open Containing Folder' option to view recovered data files and folders.

Some of the major data loss cases are:

  • Accidentally deleted data,
  • Hard disk component failure,
  • Power failure,
  • Emptied Recycle bin,
  • Data deleted using Shift+Del keys,
  • Virus corrupted hard disk drives,
  • Formatted or re-formatted HDD drives etc.

Supported Hard Disk Brands:

  • NTFS Data Recovery Software is compatible to popular hard disk brands like Toshiba, Maxtor, Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, Fujitsu, Quantum, Western Digital, HP, Compaq, Connor, Quantum, Sony etc.

Important Note:- Please select only different destination drive to save the recovered data. Saving data in same drive/volume may cause overwriting and your data may lost forever.